ARP Poisoning

What is ARP Poisoning?

arp poisoning

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) poisoning is a type of attack where the Media Access Control (MAC) address is changed by the attacker.  Also, called an ARP spoofing attacks, it is effective against both wired and wireless local networks.  Some of the things an attacker could perform from ARP poisoning attacks include stealing data from the compromised computers, eavesdrop using man-in-the middle methods, and prevent legitimate access to services, such as Internet service.

A MAC address is a unique identifier for network nodes, such as computers, printers, and other devices on a LAN.  MAC addresses are associated to network adapter that connects devices to networks.  The MAC address is critical to locating networked hardware devices because it ensures that data packets go to the correct place.  ARP tables, or cache, are used to correlate network devices’ IP addresses to their MAC addresses.

In for a device to be able to communicate with another device with a known IP Address but an unknown MAC address the sender sends out an ARP packet to all computers on the network.  The ARP packet requests the MAC address from the intended recipient with the known IP address.  When the sender receives the correct MAC address then is able to send data to the correct location and the IP address and corresponding MAC address are store in the ARP table for later use.

ARP poisoning is when an attacker is able to compromise the ARP table and changes the MAC address so that the IP address points to another machine.  If the attacker makes the compromised device’s IP address point to his own MAC address then he would be able to steal the information, or simply eavesdrop and forward on communications meant for the victim.  Additionally, if the attacker changed the MAC address of the device that is used to connect the network to Internet then he could effectively disable access to the web and other external networks.

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